This is where I'll host feedback for things that I sell/buy. I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me appropriate comments relating to what I have either bought off of or sold to you by using the form below! Please leave the brackets out of your comment; thanks!

Name: [your username]
Positive/Negative: [self explanatory]
Sold/Trade/Bought: [did I buy from/trade/sell you?]
Item: [what did I buy/sell/trade?]
Comments: [tell me how my service was! Did I ship your items out fast? Did they arrive safe? How about buying? Was I quick with responses, and sent money quick and accordingly? Am I easy to work with?]


Name: xGavet
Positive/Negative: Positive
Sold/Trade/Bought: Sold
Item: Pikachu doll
Comments: Fast with both responses and sending money, and was very friendly to deal with!

If, by chance, I have done you wrong in some way and you wish you leave negative feedback, please message me first! I'll try my hardest to right what I've done.

Thank you very much!
[this will be updated and made to be pretty later!]

That flighty temptress, adventure!

Hullo, LJ. I suppose I'm writing this just to prove that I am not a troll, but simply a member that doesn't have much to talk about. I like seeking out communities for odd things that you can't find anywhere else. It consumes most of my time and keeps me happy (:

Perhaps once I gain some interesting qualities, I will update more often.
For now, here is a journal about nothing.
Thank you, and farewell : D
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